Issy Nancarrow, Director

Specialism: Strategy and outcome-focused marketing communications.


Coming from a business focused background, Issy (Isobel) Nancarrow founded the company on the premise that marketing efforts should be linked to business objectives. Today these principles of making an impact and generating outcomes are the foundations of the company ethos and approach. As a result, the company provides measurable impact with approachable service support.

Issy comes from a background of developing communications with companies, from large international corporates to national SMEs. She oversees all Nancarrow Partnership projects.

How we Work

Issy Nancarrow project manages all Nancarrow Partnership projects. She works alongside our specialist network of associated to being in specific skills such as designers and programmers. As your main point of contact, Issy shall work with you to set expectations and milestones, staying transparent about our progress at all times.

Our Marketing Associates

Our associates are all skilled individuals who have built a name for themselves in their field. This includes journalists from renowned publications, filmmakers, designers and event organisers. These associates are brought in to work on specific campaigns and work closely with the Director, Issy Nancarrow, to ensure consistency, coordination and that the interest of the client is always at the forefront of our work. Contact us today to talk about your next marketing campaign.

Our Approach

Our role is to listen to your needs, capabilities and goals providing constructive advice and support. We research market trends and needs, providing information on both long and short term financial potential to tap into. Producing information on ways to communicate with your prospective audience to generate engagement from them. We work with clients to establish marketing plans, providing a complete and clear picture of how to reach the right audiences with the right message.

We have a select group of in-the-field experts chosen for their expertise and for making significant headway within their specialist area. They work closely with our Director, Issy Nancarrow, together we ensure the delivery of marketing plans that reflect your needs and message, ultimately working towards your aims to grow and strengthen your business.

We have experience of working with global and national clients, from well-established brands to start ups with great potential.

Nancarrow Partnerships was founded on the basis that many minds have more experience and understanding than one. We have developed a network of industry specialists, chosen for their expertise in their field and their ability to communicate.

Becoming an Associate

We have a close network of associates that we have worked with for some time. They typically get to know us through recommendation and reputation.

However we are always open to expanding our network and taking on board new skills. If you feel an affinity to the way we work and have something to offer, do get in touch.


We look for fellow enthusiastic nerds to fit into our network. We care very much about the quality of our work and only work with people with a similar pride in doing well, seeking solutions and producing first rate results.

We love creative ideas, equally the practical foresight to spot how to turn a good idea into a success. Perhaps most importantly, we look for friendly, nice people.

Foundation Understanding

All members of our network are required to have at minimum a solid foundation understanding of keeping clients cares at the heart of what we do.

From SEO experts to designers, the consideration for client experience must be central to our thinking and way of working.

How our Projects Work

Typically our projects are multi-faceted and as an associate you would be part of a bigger picture. Do take a look at our case studies to see how we work with clients.

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