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GDPR Legislation and Why Marketers Need to Know About it.

The changes in GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) will have a significant impact in marketing approaches in 2018. Here are the key insights into what this legislation means for marketing experts and companies. What is GDPR and why should I care? GDPR are the General Data Protection Regulations. These regulations pose ...
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Digital Marketing Checklist for 2017

It’s 2017, so we hope that you know the importance of reaching customers online this year. If you are on top of your marketing needs then you’ve got a great digital marketing strategy, you know your customers, business goals, KPIs and marketing budget; you have a plan. But if you’re ...
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onpage seo ranking factors

Google’s Major Ranking Signals Part 3 – Technical SEO

Technical SEO In the final part of our Google ranking signals blog series, we’re going to take a look at how some common technical SEO problems can impact on your visibility. Mobile Friendliness Late last year, Google broke the news that they will be starting mobile-first indexing. This means that ...
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Google’s Major Ranking Factors Part 2 – On-page SEO

Content & User Experience To achieve good visibility in search you’ll need to ensure your website has relevant, original content that is properly optimised and easy to access in a variety of browsers and on a variety of devices. Onsite SEO is as important as ever and needs to be ...
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Google’s Major Ranking Factors Part 1 – Backlinks

Google’s ranking algorithm is made up of more than 200 signals, the relevancy and importance of each is highly debated and cannot be known for sure. The machine learning capabilities of their most recent algorithm updates and ability to understand semantics are impressive. It can be useful to know every ...
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Why Infographics are a Digital Marketing Priority for 2017

A couple of years ago people were prophesizing the demise of the ‘overused’ infographic but in 2017 it’s clear that we still love them and they represent a very effective way of gaining exposure, contacts, website links and social media engagement. So what makes infographics so good at achieving all ...
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Exhibition stand success

Top Tips for Trade Show and Exhibition Success

After many months of preparation, the day has finally arrived, and you are ready to step onto the exhibition stand at your trade show. For some businesses, exhibiting at a trade event can be nerve-wracking and for others it’s an exciting way to engage with customers. However, you’re feeling on ...
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Supercharging your Performance in Search with Metadata

There’s plenty of jargon surrounding online visibility, from SERPs to meta descriptions and CTRs, if you’re not a marketer these terms can mean very little to you. Your online visibility and web traffic are important so now is the time to get on top of what this all means and ...
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Top Digital Marketing Priorities for 2017 (Infographic)

Planning your digital marketing can be a daunting task. Priorities, tools and technologies are shifting at an alarming rate, so it can be difficult to keep up. But it's the nature of this changing landscape that makes it so important to stay ahead of the digital marketing necessities. If you ...
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Top Social Media Tips to Impact SEO

The list of things that have an effect on our online visibility is long and highly debated. But one thing’s for sure, great content that engages is something Google likes a lot. So social media posts that drive traffic to your website, create a story around your brand and engage ...
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