Learning & Development Marketing

Bringing professional marketing services to the learning and development sector.

It’s our pleasure to bring you marketing management services for learning and development companies to support the sustainable growth of your business.

Sector Experience

Nancarrow Partnerships was founded and is run by the LPI marketing consultant, Issy Nancarrow. This places the company in the rare position of having extensive and quality networks within this sector, providing your marketing managers with access to a unique opportunity and insight.

Focus on L&D

As a company we maintain a keen focus in the learning and development market. Many of our clients are in the eLearning sector providing learning technologies as well as the wider consultancy, HR and training firms. As such we are continually carrying our research in order to keep on top of trends that add value to the quality of our services.

Passionate Network

Our passion for this sector and the close networks we maintain provide us with strong insight into key sector priorities and trends, including social learning, gamification and mobile technologies.

Results Driven

With first hand experience of industry events, awards and publications, our marketing managers specifically tailor their efforts to the learning and development sector. We work with our clients to establish effective ways to reach their target audience, strengthen brand presence and increase sales outlets.

Our expert team of social media managers keep a close eye on all your social channels, working to engage your clients and stakeholders on all networks. We set up, optimise and manage LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more social channels, keeping your business goals in mind.
Content is king within this sector; we create and promote digital content on your website and other relevant and respected sites around the web. With expertise in google advertising, content strategy and promotion, quality link profiles and all kinds of content creation you can be sure we’ve got it covered.
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