Marketing Techniques for Great Internal Comms

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Can we create an automated internal comms system that increases employee engagement, reduces staff turnover and improves the business financial performance? With a little help from some marketing experts, we can!

There’s no doubt that great internal comms are essential for a thriving business. Let’s break down why it’s important, what we need to achieve and how we could go about that.

Why is internal comms important?

Good internal comms create engaged employees. Happy informed people will go the extra mile for their company, they’ll take the vision and values of the company to the customers with enthusiasm and positivity. Engaged employees are also better at dealing with change, take less sick days and overall staff turnover is reduced.

Your internal messaging should also encompass communications to inform and educate regarding training and development programs. Perhaps you need ongoing development or onboarding initiatives, if your business is heavily regulated you may also need to think about compliance issues.

The results of doing this well are improved customer service, reduced recruitment costs and better financial performance, not to mention the savings and productivity increases from having less staff home sick.

How do we achieve engaged employees?

First let’s look at what our aims are specifically
1) Connect with employees
2) Inform or educate
3) Engage them in corporate culture, vision, mission and values

Now we can think about what tools we have to achieve our goals. Communication tools may include email, newsletters, a social platform, intranet, website, content curation including articles, video or e-learning and more formal physical interactions like face-to-face meetings, training, posters and written comms.

Perhaps you have a smart LMS or LRS to track learning and development, but what about technology that can help engage employees in training, track their engagement, improve learning outcomes and encourage social sharing of information and skills? I believe that data driven internal comms automation is going to be an invaluable tool for businesses and early adopters are already stepping out in front.

Marketing automation is common for larger businesses and is used to send targeted and highly personalised marketing messages based on a variety of data about a client. This clever software is able to identify where a potential customer is within the sales funnel and enables marketers to provide them with the right message at the right time. Just like a marketing campaign, an internal marketing campaign can engage employees with your brand, enable an enthusiastic adoption of the company’s vision and mission and encourage them to take that attitude into everything they do for your business. This type of software can also help facilitate training they should complete, along with building enthusiasm for the content and providing interaction with the learner to enable higher information retention, encourage social discussion and achieve training outcomes that don’t just tick compliance boxes.

Top tools for the job

Email marketing software – Something like Mailchimp will allow you to send branded messages with clear calls-to-action and to track, segment and understand the effectiveness of your mailings

Business social networking – Promoting work related chat on services like Yammer, Slack or Workplace (Facebook for business) can help bring your team together, assist with sharing skills and provide a valuable messaging tool

Your intranet or LMS – If you already have a captive audience on your intranet or LMS why not make the best use of these tools and add some important messaging, reminders and surveys?

Digital signage – There’s plenty of software that allow you to turn any screen into an advert for your business, display useful or motivational information, or link it to your social media or industry news

The office whiteboard – Sometimes keeping things simple is a good way to go, let people get creative and keep them informed and involved with an interactive whiteboard, write messages and ask questions to get the most out of it.

Packages – From SMS, screensaver messaging and desktop alerts to SharePoint and intranet messaging, there are some great packages out there that allow you to reach out to your employees through multiple channels.

Remember, if you’re looking for ways to improve your business performance, start with your employees. Use a targeted internal ‘marketing’ campaign to sell your company values to them and they’ll do the rest.

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