What is a Micro-Partnership?

The micro-partnership provides access to some of our sophisticated tools, giving you crucial insights to support your marketing efforts. We turn marketing speech into plain English, with illustrated priorities and recommendations.

The service provides insights into search engine rankings (SEO) and customer behaviour (UX). It also gives you access to our support network through our in-house experts.

What does a Micro-Partnership include?

Track User Behaviour

Discover effectiveness of web (sales) funnels.

Receive insights into user behaviour on your site. We plug in tools to analyse viewer behaviour and where you are losing people. You will receive a summary of key insights.

We highlight important areas such as drop rates. Reduce loss of customers at important stages in the buying process.

We prioritise the results with clear and easy to understand reports so that you know what is having the most impact.

Track and Improve your Rankings

SEO insights and recommendations.

Receive monthly insights into keyword visibility in search engines including changes in ranking over time. We provide recommendations to help you to improve your SEO results.

Your in-house team may be able to make many of the changes recommended to you. If you would also like a hand from us, we would be happy to help.

You will be able to see how your search rankings are evolving and how to stay visible.

Expert Insights

Monthly insights and access to expert support.

We beaver away to discover your search visibility and how people are interacting with your site. At the end of each month, we pull together the most important findings for you. These are presented in a short, illustrated report.

See changes in search engine rankings over the past month, with recommendations for improving, as well as bite-sized insights into the UX performance of your website with danger areas highlighted, such as where you are loosing visitors.

Take away monthly top tips and insights and feed them into your marketing plans.

As part of the service, you are welcome to get in touch with any queries regarding your marketing efforts and your results. Just give us a call or email.

How does it work?

Set up:We make sure we have everything we need for you to get the most out of the service. This includes plugging in our tools and setting up a list of keywords. If you have a list of 50 + keywords or know how to generate them, great, if not, we can talk through all of the necessaries over the phone.

Let us do the work: We carry out the review, research and analyse our data findings from our plugins. Every month you will receive a full illustrated report with a summary of key priority areas.

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Our projects and services are extensive. If you need ongoing support to get your message out there and in front of your audience, do get in touch and we can discuss this in further detail.

Our partnership projects are extensive and support growing companies across the globe. See our partnerships page for further information and examples. Our in-house team and network of associates together combine all the marketing experts you may need to support the healthy growth of your company. For specific projects such as design or to try out what it is like working with us, take a look at our projects page, to find out what we can help with.

A Small Piece of History

Our company was founded on the principle of working closely with our clients, this service is what we refer to as our partnership contracts. We work on an ongoing basis with many companies to help them to boost their visibility in certain industries and up-scale their marketing efforts. This service acts as an extension of a company's marketing efforts. Developed from this service we identified the need for a micro-service, to support people with some in-house resources and modest budgets that would benefit from our partnership approach. This is how the micro-partnership was born. Become part of the revolution!