Offline Marketing Tips

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With so many new and emerging technologies, it’s easy to focus your entire marketing effort on digital channels. Websites, content marketing, email campaigns, social media and marketing automation all represent great ways to market your business.

But, let's not forget that engaging with your customers in the real world is also vital and shouldn’t be overlooked. The trick is to integrate your online digital strategy with your offline activities. To give your business a real boost employ our top tips for traditional marketing streams.

1. The Front Lines

Sometimes the best marketing happens really close to home! Your staff can be the best advocates of your product or service, make sure they believe in the brand, know what you're selling and are motivated to provide great customer service.


2. PR

Positive press and PR is vital for increasing your company profile. Don't be afraid to communicate with the press, research trade journals in your area, get to know the journalists who write in your niche and ensure that you release regular informative press releases. Invite the journalists to your own corporate events and keep them up to date with business news.

3. Advertising

Advertising your business doesn't have to be a mystery, think about what your customers read, where they congregate and what interests them. Whether it be trade magazines, local papers, glossy mags or their village newsletter, an advert on local radio, a bus, billboard or in a relevant event catalogue or magazine, the right opportunity to place your brand will be individual to you.


4. Events

Promotional launches, trade shows, conferences and seminars are all ideal ways to get yourself in front of your customers. Utilise every opportunity to attend and represent your organisation even if you can't have a stand at all events. Do you research, know who will be there and make sure you're prepared with printed collateral and business cards. Don't forget to follow up with that email, phone call or LinkedIn connect.

5. Sponsorship

Sponsoring local sports teams, charities, events and networking receptions will increase your brand awareness. Try to pick something that carries relevance for your product or if your business is based on local trade sponsoring something in your community can be great PR.

6. Networking

Attending events, breakfast meetings and trade shows is a great way to meet customers, increase your mailing list and get to know influencers in your industry. Growing your network has never been easier, don't forget to follow up with an email or LinkedIn connection.


7. Printed Collateral

You may have brochures, white papers or a whole exhibition stand, whatever the marketing collateral, it's important that it's up to date with both information and design. Ensure that all these materials are professionally designed and printed and in keeping with your brand. You may consider employing professional design and branding services if you don't have capabilities in-house, great design is invaluable when presenting your corporate image to the world.

8. Business Cards

Still an important reminder of all your business interactions, a business card can help your brand stick. Make sure you invest in good quality card stock and employ a designer and printer who will create a quality card for you. Don’t skimp when it comes to giving out your details to prospects and customers.

9. Awards

Achieving recognition for your hard work is a great feeling, and a fab opportunity to promote your business in a good light. Find out about relevant industry awards, even local business awards, and enter them. Enter them all, what have you got to lose?

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