Product / Service Launch

Our consultancy days are designed to evaluate your marketing requirements in the short and long term. We also run extensive health checks to provide analysis and data on the impact of your marketing efforts. Details on our Health Check can be found here.

If you are looking at expanding your profile with potential buyers, we can take a look at the most lucrative forms of action. This would include reviewing your points of contact with buyers and the financial potential of different markets. If you already have a good understanding of the markets, we can focus on a time specific marketing plan to support your needs. From the outset for any launch it is important to review and understand:

  • revised pitch and message
  • USP
  • opportunities and differentials
  • how to reach the buyers
  • media needs and priorities
  • approach and milestones
  • systems to monitor lead generation efficiencies

So that you can increase your profile and your visibility online, we can help to tell the world about what you do and what you specialise in. We can do this with a range of written content from articles to editorials and blogs.

To enhance your online profile and expose your brand to a wider number of people, we can release these content pieces on external media and draw traffic to your site.

If you need some design support, our design team can create collateral for you to suit the look and feel of your company. This ranges from images to infographics, animations and icons. We also provide full rebranding services if you wish to upgrade or change the look of your company. In the early stages you may find basic resources such as brand guidelines and designed templates useful for the years ahead.

In the early years, important items such as being seen on Google can get left behind. We help to work out the best way to optimise your site, to be seen by the right people. With over 200 ranking signals for Google's search algorithm, SEO can sometimes seem a large and overbearing task. Hence we offer both a start-up SEO service to get you going and a full-brown SEO overhaul for more extensive results.

Advertising, online and offline can be a useful way to generate sales leads. We can develop media to use in advertising from imagery to animations and videos. We set up targeted campaigns to reach out to your audience.

You may be in a place where developing strategic relations would be beneficial to support your growth. Looking professional in important industry circles is crucial. We can help with developing professional media such as research papers, designed resources and campaigns.

If you want to upgrade your website, add functionality, improve design or upgrade your CMS, we can help. Our website development team can assess your current offering, assist with developing sales funnels and ensuring a great user experience across all devices.

Our automated tracking systems are popular for young and fast growing companies that want to gain insight into marketing ROI. We offer a selected range of software to clearly illustrate the impact of our work and to help to show the impact of all of your efforts.

These tools provide clearly illustrated data on crucial aspects of your marketing such as web traffic, user behaviour and search engine ranking

We provide a full range of campaign resources and event planning to ensure that your corporate events are run professionally and gain attendees. We can hep with the full range of resources that you require including brochures, business cards, presentation templates, exhibition stand design and more.

Many companies come to us when they have already established themselves but need a fresh approach to launch a product. Often clients in this situation have a clear idea of where their markets are, however, require clarity on how best to move from current sales networks to generating sales from a wider audience of buyers.

Key services

On the left we have outlined some of the key activities that we carry out in such situations. We develop your current capabilities, digital visibility and reach to suit your needs and help you to achieve your growth goals. To take a look at the key activities that we carry out on a regular basis, do see our projects page.

Build on your current capabilities

We work with companies to compliment their already present in-house marketing expertise. We help you to establish the most effective elements of your current marketing approach and provide additional resources, skills and expertise to increase your exposure.

Increase your visibility

We help companies with such challenges as how to become more visible on Google and other search engines for their target buyers and where to increase their points of contact. We work with you to develop resources and advanced approaches that support your sales funnels, decrease conversion time and increase your audience.

Check out our Marketing Case Study below...

Company Profile

Project type: Video Platform: Product Launch

Nature of sales: B2B

Geographic area covered through sales: primarily UK with international outlets

No. years trading: 5+


The Project 

A successful and expanding company approached us to support the launch of their new product. We worked alongside their marketing team and Director to develop resources and target online advertising at potential buyers.

We developed a website to suit their needs and showcase their product. Their internal design team carried out the re-branding of the product and we supported with additional design needs for the site. We worked with them to write the content and built in clear sales funnels including encouraging product demo sign ups.

The site was launched just prior to a significant industry event and we worked with them to develop intuitive and automated adverts online. These adverts were targeted at prospects as well as potentially interested parties.

We continue to work on items such as keyword research and optimisation to keep their site visible online, and seen by the right people.


product specific website to draw people to the demo site

design and media  to provide an engaging platform

targeted Adwords directed specifically at their prospect lists

optimisation for specific high volume / low competition search terms.

developing clear sales funnels