Branding and Design

Need an image upgrade?

Is your logo looking dated? Or out of sync with your audience? How you appear visually is a crucial part of connecting with your audience, from logos to the use of descriptive imagery.

Logos and icons

We have a database of regular designers each with specific styles who we work with to match your needs. We research how your competitors look and how you can stand out. You receive options to choose from and can get involved in the process of design. We provide logos, supporting imagery, icons and colour schemes.


Visual media such as infographics are a quick way to grab your audience and get your message across. Often they are used to entice the viewer to read more. Our designers create infographics that match your company style. We find simple ways to relay complex messages.

Designed templates

We create designed templates for you to use. These ensure you look professional and can also be a way to promote new products and features. We create templates from emails, to documents and brochures.

Brand guidelines

Our brand guidelines service provides you with clear and easy guidance for you and your staff to follow. We provide clarity on your use of messaging both visually, in text and verbally. If you require a fresh look at your branding or you need a more thorough approach to branding, get in touch.

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