Altertek is a fast growing start-up technology company. Issy Nancarrow is working with the team to support short and long-term revenue streams. With regular in-house presence we are forming the brand and refining the positioning of Altertek. We work together to build marketing output in direct support of sales and investment streams.

How we are working together

The project is being carried out with in-house presence, working alongside the Managing Director, engineers and office staff. We have weekly collaborative sessions to develop the exposure of the company across a succession of market sectors.

Each week we evaluate the promotion results and output from the previous week as well as develop ideas and goals for moving forwards.

Collaboration and Method of Working

The Year Ahead


All the marketing efforts are carried out with company business objectives in mind. We track results with in-built analytics. Our KPIs and milestones provide focus to our efforts.

With a year of growth planned ahead, we are continually working towards increasing market share through targeted promotions and brand exposure.

Investor Relations

We are working together to increase networks within investor communities. To support these efforts we are building the strength of our strategy and resultantly the marketing plan over the coming year.

Investor Communications

Outbound Communcations

Sales Campaigns

We keep both short and long-term financial goals in mind. As part of this we build sales-driven campaigns and carry out targeted promotion activity.

These efforts include the shorter-term financial goals such as faster online sales. This is supported by outbound promotion with longer-term goals in mind. In the longer-term we are working towards increasing market share by carrying out sector specific campaigns including activity from business events to press releases.

Web Developments

We are gradually building on the capabilities and design of the current website. Upgrading the imagery and optimising the site is central to these efforts. We are also building in woocommerce and targeted calls to action, to encourage buyer engagement.

Upgrading the Website

Marketing Resources

Building Assets

We are working with our network of designers as well as in-house engineers within the company to develop quality, engaging resources. These range from foundation items such as brochures and event stands, to campaign support materials such as research papers.