We worked with Unicorn Training over 18 months, a period of high growth. As a well-established company with big visions, our task was to upgrade their marketing approach and increase their exposure. The aim was to support the company through the next stage of growth.

Brand Promotion and Lead Generation

The company intended to significantly increase their exposure within the Learning Technologies sector as well as within more targeted sub-sectors.

We worked with them to manage and promote a number of events both hosted by the company and hosted by others. This included co-ordinating with sales teams and in-house content writers and designers. Through a range of media we carried out targeted promotion to draw in new and current clients.

Events and Awards

Website Developments

Modernised Web Design with In-House Management Capabilities

Unicorn Training required a more modern website, a site that reflected the company’s culture and product offering. Some basic fundamentals included the site being responsive, easily to edit in-house, and capable of linking with analytics systems.

We worked with the company to bring the site into the modern era of websites. We worked with their design team to develop the imagery and interactive elements. The end result provided a significant upgrade, with the new ability to edit the site content and structure in the office. The optimisation of the site provided significant improvements with online ranking.

Building the Asset Library

We worked with the company to develop a range of assets as a means to up upgrade all internal and external communications. The asset library developed was significant in size and ranged from digital to physical resources.

This range included resources to support the bid process, branded internal communications to brochures and templates. Each resource was developed in collaboration with the in-house design team at Unicorn to utilise their expertise and keep the resources on-message.

Template Development

Outbound Communcations

Campaigns, Press Coverage and Advertising

We developed a succession of targeted campaigns surrounding specific press coverage, awards and events.

This included developing a range of resources from videos to email campaigns and articles, in collaboration with in-house teams.

The Start of a New Era

Towards the end of our 18 months of working together, we developed a strategy and plan moving forwards. Unicorn began to recruit an in-house marketing team to continue to build on the marketing developments of the company