A Sample of Smaller Projects

Below you can view insights into a selection of projects over the past few years. These cover a range of client needs and results. For each project we will have worked with the client to identify the approach that works for them and what they are hoping to achieve from working together. We are clear and transparent about our approach and keep the client’s end goal in mind at each stage of development.

For quotes and feedback from clients, please see the main testimonials page.

Imagery, Style and Resources

We worked with a financial services institution to support the development of their online interactive tools for members. This included the branding as well as the development of resources.

Branding and Design

Optimisation Results

Search Engine Rankings

We work with a number of companies to support their online rankings. This is often part of a bigger project involving outbound marketing and developing content. We work in consultation with our clients to identify the right approach for them and analyse results as we go.

Product Launch - Webdesign

Learning Technology provider, Clear Lessons, launched a new video learning tool. We worked with the company to develop a website in time for their launch at the Learning Technologies show in Olympia.

They wanted a site that clearly showed the value of their resources, something that was simple but engaging and modern but within budget. We developed a site that was reflective of their learning platform and provided  support with the SEO foundations required.

Website Development

Digital Impact

Drawing in Relevant Website Viewers

We work with a number of companies to develop ways to bring the target audience onto their website. The approach is bespoke to each company and may involve a combination of external content, resource development and advertising.

To follow on the journey of making contact to sales, we work with clients to evaluate user behaviour online and develop their website accordingly.

Preparing for Product Launch

As a preparation for taking a product to a wider audience and selling to a larger market, we worked with Acteon Communications and Learning. Acteon provide modern, digital learning technologies to companies.

We worked with their Marketing Manager to evaluate their current points of contact and the approach of their competitors. We laid out a plan showing areas to develop a route to market, with KPIs including financial expectations.

From here, Acteon have been developing their approach in-house and working with a new Business Development Manager to push forward the growth of sales for this product.

Digital Health Check