Top Digital Marketing Priorities for 2017 (Infographic)


Planning your digital marketing can be a daunting task. Priorities, tools and technologies are shifting at an alarming rate, so it can be difficult to keep up. But it's the nature of this changing landscape that makes it so important to stay ahead of the digital marketing necessities. If you put this task aside for too long your competition will be biting at your heels and valuable referral, paid and organic traffic can be lost, affecting your bottom line. It’s time to make sure you know the top priorities for getting your digital marketing right over the coming year.

2016 saw a great deal of changes to the digital landscape. Late in the year, we saw mobile access to the web exceed desktop for the first time. In the US and the UK, we still see a slight favour towards desktop access but the balance is shifting there too. And there's no doubt that Google is taking this very seriously. In a recent announcement, they expressed their intention to move towards a mobile-first index, meaning that your mobile website will become more important in terms of organic search and content or markup missing for the site could mean drops on rankings and visibility. It's also important for all of us to make sure our websites are giving a great user experience on all devices and Google will continue to look at our sites and the way visitors interact with them to determine quality.

Other big news from last year was a continuation of the growth of social media users and the expansion of social media advertising opportunities. Instagram saw their traffic hit new heights with 500 million active users in the middle of the year and that number rising to 600 million by December.

Looking forward, we're likely to see opportunities expanding in VR, wearables like AppleWatch, Apps becoming more accessible to small businesses and growth in the importance of natural speech optimisation with the prevalence of voice search. If your business is looking to cover the most important aspects of digital marketing, stick with great content, and a responsive website with excellent user experience, optimised sales funnels and an engaging social media strategy.

It's time to check your list of priorities, call a designer or developer for urgent updates and think about your content across the web. You could make an impact by updating your current resources or analysing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Think about some important opportunities that could be making a big difference to your business. Could your sales funnels be doing more, should you be advertising in search, display or social? Could marketing automation be the answer to making the most of your leads? It can be difficult to decide where you should focus your marketing efforts to get your message out to customers and gain an advantage over your competitors.

Our specialist digital and design teams have put their heads together to bring you a fun and unmissable list of digital marketing must-haves for 2017. We’ve included some of our favourite tools and services you can use to save time and make sure you’re at the top of your game.

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Top Digital Marketing Priorities for 2017 - An infographic by the team at Nancarrow Partnerships

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