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Marketing Health Check

In-depth insights into your marketing

Our Health Check supports companies wanting to increase their market share within a specific sector.

Take an in-depth look at your marketing performance, where to gain additional wins and how to gazump competitors. With the added personal touch of a professional consultant. Our complete corporate health check includes a full digital analysis of your performance, highlighting where your competitors are gaining their edge and to increase your points of contact with customers.

Make sure buyers can find you!

Our competitive key word review for the health check is different to our full SEO overhaul offering. It focusses the spot light on how you are found using content and meta data. The key word review finds out which keywords your buyers are using when looking for your provide or service.

Get the cogs working!

Our sales funnels report takes an in-depth look at how your website is helping you to achieve your objectives. We focus on the main call to action, often this is either direct sales or lead generation. It can also sometimes be relationship building or information sharing.

Find the hot spots!

Find out about the places where buyers in your target market can be reached. Take a look at a multitude of points of contact both on-line and off-line. Gain insight into how much exposure you can get from these points of contact and how visible your competitors are in these areas.


Showing you the path through the maze.

Increase your web traffic.

Competitive Review

Improve conversion rates.

UX Review

Grow and expand.

Digital Impact

What is Labyrnth?

Labyrnth is the tool we developed to support the revenue growth for our clients. It is now available to access.

Labyrnth uses automation tools to show you which parts of your marketing are and are not working and provides personalised tips on how to get better.

Instead of signing up to multiple analytics tools, to sift through all the results and work out which parts are relevant to you, we bring these together, and pick out the parts with meaning. Using a combination of automated analytics and human know-how, we draw out the important aspects for you.

This saves you time and provides clarity with expert insights.

Digital Visibility Progress Report

How easy is it for buyers to find you?
How effective is your lead generation/conversion?
How is your performance vs Competitor X?

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