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increase web traffic

Improve conversion rates.

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increase conversion rates

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Digital Impact

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What is Labyrnth?

The tool that we use to support revenue growth for our clients is now available.

Labyrnth uses automation tools to show you which parts of your marketing are and are not working and provides personalised tips on how to get better.

Instead of signing up to multiple analytics tools, to sift through all the results and work out which parts are relevant to you, we bring these together, and pick out the parts with meaning. Using a combination of automated analytics and human know-how, we draw out the important aspects for you.

This saves you time and provides clarity with expert insights.

Digital Visibility Progress Report

How easy is it for buyers to find you?
How effective is your lead generation/conversion?
How is your performance vs Competitor X?

How does it work?

Throughout each month we produce insights into aspects of your marketing performance. Your dashboard updates will cover digital visibility in your marketplace through to competitor advantages and where your leads are being lost.

During each month you receive information to uncover how people are finding you online, right through to how they are interacting with your website. We draw out the items that are preventing the right people from finding you, followed through to how to gain the interaction you need on your site, whether that is sales, leads or interaction on certain pages.

How effective are my external links?

Your Dashboard

Your dashboard will show you the progress over time using visual and numerical data to prove impact. We rate your capabilities, red showing areas where you are loosing leads, and green showing your areas of strength. Supporting this data is a brief summary to provide you with context and advice.

By clicking on each section you can see more information, here you will find this months tips to develop your capabilities in this particular area.

Sections in Your Dashboard

Finding your Site: What is happening now?

This area provides you with crucial information about how to be found online and supports some of your targets such as web traffic. What is really important within digital visibility is drawing in the right people, your stakeholders such as buyers, investors and partners.

Finding your Site: Improve your digital visibility.

In this area we pull out a competitive view of your digital visibility, comparing you to your chosen competitors. This section includes SEO tips as well as your overall digital exposure.

Within the SEO section, what you can see are the tips based on your keywords and sector. These tips are there to show you how you can improve your ranking based on the information you have provided to us. You can see on your dashboard the progress in your ranking over time.

Within the digital visibility section you can see how visible you are online, and how successful this exposure is compared to your competitors.

Using your Site: UX

In the background, behind the platform, we are looking at the viewer behaviour on your site. This includes heat mapping and analytics. It is a tool that has helped us improve conversion rates for online sales for B2C clients as well as engagement and leads for B2B companies. The information you see in this section, has been brought together from our analysis of the challenges in your site,

For example, this could be drop out rates on pages where you want sign ups or sales. Or it could highlight areas were viewers are seeking more information but not finding it.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes of this tool are the marketing experts at Nancarrow Partnerships. And this is one of the facets that makes the tool so unique. We have worked for a number of years on analysing marketing information and developing the impact of marketing communications, we can quickly sift through a range of automated findings to work out where customers are being lost and where they can be gained.


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