Bringing professional marketing services to the learning and development sector.

Sector Experience

Nancarrow Partnerships was founded and is run by the LPI marketing consultant, Issy Nancarrow.

Sector Experience

We work with companies across the sector, primarily based in the UK though with some international links.

Issy Nancarrow can be regularly seen at learning and development events throughout the year, from Learning Technologies Expo to CIPD events.

Passion for the Sector

With first-hand experience of industry events, awards and publications, we specifically tailor our efforts to the learning and development sector. We work with our clients to establish effective ways to reach their target audience, strengthen brand presence and increase sales outlets.

Our passion for this sector and the close networks we maintain provide us with strong insight into key sector priorities and trends, including social learning, gamification and mobile technologies.

Proven Results

Our results show direct impact for companies with growth potential. From product launches to expanding within targeted industries, we can show our impact on digital promotion, buyer interaction and lead generation.

We work with established and new companies across the sector; from start-ups helping them to build their collateral and company recognition, to established companies to increase their market share.

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Industry publications

Our sector specific publications can be found across a range of professional media from Training Zone, to the Learning Professional Network, Training Journal and the Learning Technologies magazine. Click here for the latest articles from Issy, our MD on the Learning Professional Network.

Our marketing services

We work with learning and development companies to support their growth through a range of marketing activities. For partnership projects, we work in consultancy with providers to plan and carry out a marketing strategy over a set period of time; these projects aim to increase brand visibility, digital interaction and lead generation.

We offer a full range of services, from web design and analytics to digital promotion, articles, events, branding and advertising. Take a look at our section on marketing services to find out more.

Exhibitions and conferences

You will find us at learning and development conferences across the UK. We are regulars at some of the Learning and Performance Institute events such as Learning Live and the awards. We also run a growing companies ‘hub’ during the Learning Technologies and Learning Skills show each year.

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