A 12 month programme to form the foundations of the company. A conjoined effort to embed the company in the marketplace.

Showcase for Investment and Investor Relations

At this stage in the strategy, investor relations are crucial for any ambitious company. We developed resources to support the company’s efforts in gaining investment and engaging current investors.

Illustrated summaries of the communication plan were provided for investor presentations. Extensive market research allowed the company to provide projected market share and revenue figures to support their case for investment. A range of media including videos were developed to further showcase the company’s assets and potential.

Investor Resources

Strategy and Planning

Understanding the Market

Extensive research allowed us to identify the value of markets available to the company as well as routes to market. By evaluating the marketing and sales opportunities across the target sectors we gained perspective of how to position the company as well as the route to market.

These plans developed into a structured approach with actions, KPIs and milestones. Throughout the process we embedded in a means to analyse the effectiveness of each stage of marketing.

Website Upgrade and Analytics

We developed the next stage website for the company. This included design, optimisation, resources and content.

The site was plugged into our analytics system to monitor trends in ranking and user behaviour. We also tracked competitive performance and media exposure within the relevant sectors.

During our 12 months we utilised these analytics to get the website to the top two pages of google for relevant sector terms in renewable and marine technology.

Website Developments

Branding and Resources

Developing Assets

A range of media was developed, from videos to template documents to provide the foundation resources required for the company to push forward its marketing efforts.

These resources were created in consultancy with the teams at MSF Technologies and designed for practical use. In house resources were created for staff and media rich resources created for external exposure such as online and at events.

Outbound Marketing

We worked with the internal teams to develop exposure in the media, both locally and nationally. This included content and media developments.

We researched and developed resources for events as well as creating outbound communications, all tracked with analytics.

Gaining Exposure


Moving Forwards

Armed with the resources to move forwards, significant investment and a clear marketing calendar with KPIs, MSF Technologies moved forwards with the marketing maintaining the bulk of it in-house, whilst still coming to us for certain items when additional hands are required.