Market Expansion: make sure you have everything you need to make it a success.

Our Health Check supports companies wanting to increase their market share within a specific sector.

What's included

Take an in-depth look at your marketing performance, where to gain additional wins and how to gazump competitors. With the added personal touch of a professional consultant. Our complete corporate health check includes a full digital analysis of your performance, highlighting where your competitors are gaining their edge and helping to increase your points of contact with customers.

How does it work?

Set up call: 20 min initial consultancy call to establish your aims and plug-in our automated analytics tools.

Let us do the work: we will carry out the review, research and analyse our data findings from our plugins. You will receive email updates to let you know how far we have got. In two months you will receive a full illustrated report with a summary of key priority areas.

Consultancy: Once we have gathered together all the reports, we will spend half a day with you going through the implications and discussing any areas you wish to look at in further detail. You will have the chance to review the reports prior to this session and we can go through any queries you have face-to-face (or on a conference call).

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There are some snippets of case studies below and you can of course speak to a member of our team to find out more about our marketing health check.

We can even show you examples of how it works and the results others have achieved. 

Increase your web traffic

Competitive Key Word Review

Receive initial SEO results and summary of keyword recommendations. This report shows an overview of how your customers are finding you and your competitors.

Improve your conversion rates

UX Review

Full report detailing the analysis and recommendations following 2 months of data on SEO and heat mapping. Receive insight into user behaviours to show how to improve visitor numbers and conversions.

Grow and expand

Sector Specific Review

Link your growth to your business goals and discover points of contact with buyers in one chosen industry. Includes competitive analysis and recommendations.

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The complete health check with SEO insights, website analysis, sector specific review and consultancy.



Final payment on completion:


The remainder is payable once you have received your full report. If you have any queries or would like to speak to our team, get in touch +44(01489) 571 366 or


Want to know more?

Make sure buyers can find you!

Our competitive key word review for the health check is different to our full SEO overhaul offering. It focusses the spot light on how you are found using content and meta data. The key word review finds out which keywords your buyers are using when looking for your provide or service. It highlights how you rank and how your competitors rank. We also highlight the effectiveness of your current keywords, what is and is not working.

We show you all the relevant findings in clearly colour coordinated data and provide a summary of key items for you to take into account when optimising the content on your site.

Get the cogs working!

Our sales funnels report takes an in-depth look at how your website is helping you to achieve your objectives. We focus on the main call to action, often this is either direct sales or lead generation. It can also sometimes be relationship building or information sharing.

One of the tools we use is our heat mapping programme to review user behaviour on your site. This data supports our analysis alongside the analytics we pull in to review how effective your sales funnels are. We take a look at your calls to action and provide clear, easy to follow advice on how you can develop your site to support your sales.

Find the hot spots!

Find out about the places where buyers in your target market can be reached. Take a look at a multitude of points of contact both on-line and off-line. Gain insight into how much exposure you can get from these points of contact and how visible your competitors are in these areas.

Access a clear list of PR outlets, events, industry bodies, and influencing opportunities, and clear data on how much exposure they will give you. This can help you to look at how to plan your exposure and build your points of contact and sales funnels with buyers.

What next?

Already had your health check? and want to know what to do next? Partner up!

To continue receiving insights and let us help you improve your sales funnels, get signed up to one of our partnerships. We work with you on an ongoing basis to provide continuing insights, with regular reports and advice. We also help out with your marketing developments if you need an extra, expert hand.