Marketing for Start Ups

As a start up you may, or may not, have an idea of how to effectively market your products and services. We provide bespoke support for companies going through this exciting (and sometimes intimidating) journey. No doubt you have a big vision and we want to help you get there.

Getting it Right

Knowing your KPIs and how to reach them

As a start-up it can be difficult to begin setting realistic KPIs and targets, that’s why it is important to be realistic about the goals and the investment you are prepared to make in order to reach those goals. We provide support and consultancy to set up your strategy, as well as the resources and systems you need in place to make it happen.

Understanding your resource needs

At the start it is crucial to understand which marketing resources will make the difference in the short term as well as the long term. Taking time to understand what the priorities are is important from the outset. We provide a wealth of resources to support what you need to promote your business.

Practical Support

  • Branding and design

    We can start from the very basics with items such as colour design, colour schemes and image libraries. We provide full consultancy to ensure that the look and feel of your design suits you and the market you operate within. If you already have a logo, we can provide branding support with other items such as graphics and icons.

  • Templates

    One of the first things that you will find useful when starting up is professional looking templates. These span from letter heads to powerpoint, webpage designs, even emails and other collateral to suit your needs.

  • Targeted advertising

    If you have an advertising budget, we can help you to target your audience and provide clear data on ROI. There are a whole range of tools available and we can talk you through the options. We set up online adverts for our clients and monitor their success, making changes over time to further refine the outcomes.

  • Resources and collateral

    An important part of developing a professional company persona is having professional and engaging collateral. This will help you to develop your look as a company. Depending on your budget this may include image libraries, design and items such as brochures and leaflets. You may wish to take it a step further with videos, infographics and animations.

  • Email campaigns

    Email campaigns are typically one of the first ports of call for a start up wanting to get the message out there. Crucial items such as design, quality of content and time sent can have a big impact on your results. We help to set this up for you and can manage your campaigns moving forwards if you wish.

  • Website development

    You may have big visions for your website and a set budget. At this stage, it is important to have a website that you can grow over time. We can set up your initial requirements, from template design, imagery and content, as well as developing clear sales funnels. We will make sure that the template is designed in a way that makes it simple for you to expand and manage as you grow.

  • Systems and tools

    One of the foundation blocks of your marketing is the collection of tools you use. These tools can be developed over time. When you start it is important to have the right, professional but low maintenance, resources. These will likely include items such as email campaign software. We can recommend and set up the tools available on the market that suit your needs.

  • Events - online and offline

    Whether it is an offline event such as an exhibition or an online event such as a webinar, we can help you with your design and campaign needs.

Decent Solutions, Within Budget

We understand that even if you have investment capital, budget is crucial at this stage. We can help by developing effective resources, with your sales results in mind.

Adapting to Your Needs

Each start up has very specific needs based on market, size, product and resources. We talk you through your needs and priorities. We provide clear and transparent support, developing marketing resources to suit your needs.

Key Services

The information above shows you the approach we take to working with start-ups and young companies. These will typically be within their first three years of trading. To take a look at the skills and resources we bring, see our resources section.

Let's get cracking!

Check out our Marketing Case Study below…

Company Profile

Company type: Technology Company

Nature of sales: B2B

Geographic area covered through sales: UK, US, Asia and Europe

No. years trading: 2 years young with 6 months sales history

The Project 

Our client shared with us the nature in which they wanted to grow and who their ideal buyers were. We helped them initially to research market size and available points of contact with potential buyers. We developed a marketing strategy supported by a plan of action with KPIs.

From this plan, we had a clear and coordinated understanding of items needed. Over time we developed collateral to help them to build their website and develop their branding. We supported them with collateral for sales presentations as well as communication resources such as recruitment advertising and brochures.

Having built the foundations of their marketing needs, we continue to work with them to support targeted sales campaigns to gain promotion across specific markets. This has included a range of items from PR to backlinks and search engine visibility, and we continue to work on building their media such as videos and web developments.

Results over 6 months 

Within the first six months of working together, we were able to provide clear and illustrated data on impact. This included:

 Gaining first page ranking on targeted key words with reasonable search volumes.

300% increase in web traffic.

Developing marketing resources in line with KPIs and additional resources when needed to support their developments.

Collateral and campaigns to bring prospective investors to relevant events.

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