Top Social Media Tips to Impact SEO

The list of things that have an effect on our online visibility is long and highly debated. But one thing’s for sure, great content that engages is something Google likes a lot. So social media posts that drive traffic to your website, create a story around your brand and engage your community can only be great for your online visibility.

Social media marketing and SEO should work together, what works well for one will be just as effective for the other. Read on for our top tips to make sure your social media posts and pages have a positive impact on your SEO.

Be Authentic

Being yourself is the best way to stay on Google’s ‘good’ list! Social media is no different, your followers will respond to an authentic, relevant message and search engines will pick up on that engagement. So work out who you are, what you’re offering and be true to that on your posts and pages. Share content from your website, be an expert in your field and only post external content on relevant and trusted sites.

Tip: make sure all of your content has your brand logo and if relevant your core business message.

Build a Community

Sure, the total number of followers and their connections has a big impact on the reach of your social posts but exactly who sees your posts is more important. Build a community of relevant followers who will engage with your brand and are more likely to share and like your content. This community is also more likely to be interested in your products or services and recommend you to their friends. Sharing high quality content is crucial; share stories, customer feedback and interesting content from your own and related websites. If you’re talking about your services, make sure you link to a relevant page on your website.

Tip: offer free downloads or product giveaways as incentives to like, share or follow and don’t be afraid to use a little social advertising if your budget allows. You’ll be able to segment your audience so your advertising targets the right people.

Start a Conversation

Your social profiles are a great place to engage with that community you’ve been building. Ask provocative questions, share company stories and where relevant, use hashtags in your posts to include your content in a larger conversation. The entire purpose of a social network is to share ideas, content and information. Getting your community to engage will have the most significant impact on your SEO, so get talking!

Tip: make sure you know about industry events, legislation changes or local happenings and include information, hashtags and links to relevant profiles to get involved.

social media for seo impactOptimise Your Profiles

Part of your strategy for SEO should be to take up more important real estate on those SERPs (search engine results pages like Google). This is important for your brand name and depending on your niche, can be achieved for important search keywords and thus push your competitors further down the results page.

Tip: complete your social profiles and optimise them for your brand name first, then for important phrases to do with your business activities.

Final Thoughts

A strong SEO strategy should include social media posting and community building. Provide valuable content, observe and engage with your audience and you will become a trusted expert in your field. On top of this social media can help you to gain some important visibility for your brand and website.